Visit to Skyport studio

Visiting the studio of our tutor Frank Wolden http://www.skyportstudio.com

Special Summer Studio NSAD

Visit to Scenic Architecture

Xiaofeng Zhu, principal at Scenic Architecture (www.scenicarchitecture.com). Zhu's practice is one of the most prestigious boutique office in Shanghái, combining wisely and creatively his learning overseas with his cultural chinese background.

Visit to HOOP

Zhao Zhong, one of the partners of the office has been our guide to the work and perfomance of this local firm with around 100 employees. 
This is an interesting visit to discover new developments in Pudong Area and to visit a completely chinese managed office working for chinese clients but trying to be known and with a really nice office environment.

The visit has started visiting the buildings around the Kerry Parkside building to have an idea about the development of the area around the Shanghai International Expo Center, which is filled with high level 5 star hotels with really good details and commercial centers looking like european standards as Kerry Park or Jumeirah Hotel Pudong. The area is surrounded by the "Shanghai Central Park" alias, Century Park, and by the Maglev Station, which gives an idea about the relevancy of this area in Pudong.

Visit Hassell office

We have visited Hassell office (www.hassellstudio.com
It is an australian firm well know in the business for their top perfomance and, also, for having in Shanghái one of the most inspiring working spaces and environment. 

After the visit, in the same office, there were a short lecture-dialog about sustainability by Álvaro Guinea

Visit to PDM Internation office in Shanghai

PDM International office is in Shanghai 
This was an interesting visit to see something different to big scale. In China due to the ownership of the land by the government, the most valuable thing for the clients is the Interior design strategy and concept, and thats why this office in China is mostly doing big offices and retail, hospitality, and out of China is doing some architecture. 
Is a totally different scale and is interesting to see how they can control the process they are doing.

Visit to ARUP Shanghai

Marta Colas, Senior Urban Planner of the firm has been our guide to the work and perfomance of this world-wide prestigious firm. ARUP Associates office is in Shanghai


Visit to Chapman and Taylor

Today we found ourselves in one, of many others, Shanghai' towers where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the city. This tower also houses the international office of Chapman and Tayler, established in the UK in 1959 and already expanded all over the world.
We were well received by one of the header of Shanghai's office - Andy Hudson- in a very informal meeting near the coffee corner. 

After going through the development of the company and the business management he showed us some of the projects that are currently being done.

As they are well known all over the world by their retailing projects, in China couldn't be different and they are working in some commercial centers all over the country. 
Like in other offices we visit, Andy could not pass unnoticed the fact that in China a project runs much faster that we are used in Europe.


6th of May: Chen Haoru Lecture

6th of May
Lecture Chen Haoru at the Faculty of architecture of University of Hong Kong in Shanghai:

This Monday, our lecture series ‘The Next Decade’ at HKU/Shanghai Study Centre will focus on the future of the countryside. In his talk, Chen Haoru will discuss ‘The village surveys and the design approach to nature’.
Behind every wave of urbanization, there’s a massive destruction of ways of lives. However, in the rural areas of China’s Southeastern region remain villages with an inspiring way of life: a sophisticated sustainable living that we have long forgotten. The survey of these villages brings together the understanding of the old with an alternative approach to a greener and more sustainable way of architecture. In this talk, Chen Haoru will discuss the possibilities of this revival in a new time.
Chen Haoru is the principal of Hangzhou based CITIARC design studio and a professor of architecture at the China Academy of Art. Chen has received his education from NYU and the City University of New York. He was trained as an architect in New York City and returned to China to practice in 2001. He is currently a candidate for a doctorate degree from CAA.”


25th of April
Miguel Luengo organized an academic presentation and debate tittled Branding Identity:

"Learning from Las Vegas emerged from a healthy controversy that took place in 1972, in which it concluded that architects should be more receptive to the tastes and values of the common people and less immodest in their erections as “heroes” of high monuments to themselves. GG, 1998.

Learning from the existing landscape is the way to become a revolutionary architect. And not in an obvious way, like that wiping Paris to start again as proposed by Le Corbusier in the twenties, but in a different, more tolerant and thus questioning own way of looking at things.

Robert Venturi, Denise Scott Brown and Steven Izenour. Learning from las Vegas, 1977

Architecture is also a way to communicate, and although International Style positioned itself as the only true understanding of the discipline (objective, structure and function-ruled, white…)soon after new voices emerged and claimed for complexity and the symbolism of form.

Contemporary architecture around the world is looking for recognition, the Internet_ional Style that we are facing deletes identity and favours a rendered vision of fashion and immediate appareance. In a world full of brands, being recognizable (and desired) is crutial.

This open debate focuses on this branding framework, where already tested (and commercially approved) companies are exporting their identity mottos and are designing/building “little” portions of their homelands.

Commodities tabula rasa."

Visit to Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects & visit to Pro-form Architectural Design

19th April Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects

In the same building as the EMBT office at Tianjing Rd there are several architectural offices. In that way, they could have some shared spaces such as meeting rooms, kitchen and bathrooms.
This time we visited Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects. We gathered directly with him and he kindly spent a lot of time with us explaining his projects.

He studied abroad so the feelings of his work are related more to the western architecture than the eastern one.

The same day we visited also ShanghaiPro-form Architectural Design Consultants where Mr. Fangji Wang explained us their projects. 


Visit to ENCLAVE planning landscape architecture

12 April ENCLAVE planning landscape architecture

In the same day but a little bit later, we went to another and very different company from the other one. This office is established in Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Madrid and Melbourne. Their architectural line of work consist on the interior renovation from concept to construction of old buildings. They transform it in more flexible office environments with moveable meeting room partitions and numerous communal spaces. 

Visit to Nei & Hu Office

12 April Neri & Hu Design and Research Office

This studio was established on a fantastic building called the black box, where they develop a lot of projects from industrial design to urban landscape. On the ground floor we could see an amazing shop of designed furniture.

The multi-cultural staff who speaks over 30 different languages is the main key of the office. That makes it a very international place with such different and interesting points of view.

Visit to BAU office

5 April BAU

This is an international Australian office leaded by Mr James Brearly and his partner and wife Mrs Qun Fang.
He explained us their projects in his welcoming office (and on a holyday dayJ!). They had developed a lot of work during ten years and in different scales:

 “Australian trained James Brearley and Qun Fang established BAU, an Australian design focused architecture and urban design firm based in Shanghai. An inter-disciplinary approach to architecture, landscape, urban design and planning encourage the success and comprehensiveness of their projects. BAU, along with Steve Whitford, won the first prize in the 2001 International Urban Ideas Competition for their project “City Centre: City of Ningbo, Beilun”. Brearley is adjunct professor at RMIT University.”

Visit to EMBT office

2nd. April EMBT
Our first contact with the architectural work was during the visit at the spanish office EMBT established in Shanghai. There, Igor Peraza, the director of the abroad company explained us some of their current projects. We finally could see an amazing video about the creative process on the recent competition of Disney Park in Shanghai.

CHINA! TJAD (Tongji Architectural Design Group Co. Ltd., Shanghai)

During this period, we have been working at the Tongji Institute where we could experience the different stages of the architectural projects development.

And thanks to Miguel Luengo, on this first second part of the master degree we went to different architectural office to understand how the architectural practice works in China.



Juan Fernández Andrino is an architect from Dominique Perrault's office. We saw al lot of interesting projects they have developped: the Bibliothèque national de France, the vélodrome et piscine olympique en Berlin, le Théatre Marinsky, etc. It was also a wonderful class about the use of the metallic mesh...of which they are a pioneers.


This was the analysis class with Paco Casas & Beatriz Villanueva. They talked about concepts as mixophilia/mixophobia (the place where the people gather around or not), the antropophagic or antropoemic space of Zigmunt Bauman and at the end of the class we had a debate about this kinds of spaces.


Analysis class with Uriel Fogué
We saw this movie of HG Wells. A film from 1936 but too early for its time. Analising the progress, the science, the war, the peace, the society and the prediction of the future.
A class about how the extraordinary advances in technology can change the society.

The possibility / The impossibility   
The lecture was about his work in the architectural office elii
"Opening the black box: making visible the invisible": the energy, the air, the underground,...


We visited Rubio & Álvarez Sala's office, where Enrique Álvarez-Sala told us how they work and their international experience. We also saw their skyscraper project in Madrid.


Super interesting lecture with Andrés Jaque about HOME / HOUSE / FAMILY and the domesticity. He explained us the main three pilars of his job: Homey politicy activation space. 1) From Home to House 2) Sweet Lab Homes 3) Technodisputes.  


Dear friends,
Tomorrow, wednesday February 20th at 18:30 (CET time) we will hold the masterclass by Langarita Navarro at Tricontinental Master’s Degree in Advanced Architectural Design.
You may live follow the lecture through this link

Thanks for your interest, hope you find it as interesting as we do.
Best regards!



The technology class was taught by Martin Ocampo. We saw how natural structures are those that operate more efficiently. 

And how, throughout history, we get larger spaces with less material.


GROUP[ING] with Ricardo Montoro and Franca Sonntag
They explained us the concept of grouping. Understood as a system of elements and rules or strategies. We look at ideas like geometry, repetition, combination, stacking, mobility, etc.

and then we apply these concepts in a ballons game.


We had our first lecture with Néstor Montenegro who presented us his architectural office dosmasunoarquitectos along with Ignacio Borrego and Lina Toro.


A class about strategies, tactics and maps with Néstor.



In our firs analysis class with Ignacio Borrego, we learned to classify materials according to their deformation, structural configuration and encoding.